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By Sister Mumtaz E. Suleman

The Nudba Group would like to welcome you to our new blog. Through this blog, we endeavour to foster and promote the love and understanding of Islam. Our hope is that during this journey, we are able to help many through every possible means. Through our different charitable efforts, various amaal efforts or through articles on our blog we hope to understand and give strength to face the many challenges of life.   It is our hope that the information shared through this blog will help you understand our efforts that affect many lives. Of course, without Allah's (swt) blessings and permission, and the blessings of the Imam of our time (atfs) and your help, none of this would be achievable. With this blog we are embarking on a new journey, which we hope will allow us to share information and details of our efforts just as easily as our blog writers share their religious advise, understanding, and knowledge with everyone. We started with getting together to recite Dua Nudba as a group, in an effort to get acquainted with the Imam of our Time (atfs). These Friday sessions, through love for the Imam of our Time (atfs) manifested into beautiful happenings. Over time, this led us to engage in helping many people and humanitarian causes in the name of the Imam of our time (atfs). We are now starting the next chapter and as usual rely on your support and love to make this venture a successful one. Thank you all for the love and support over the years and to many more in the future.


Sister Mumtaz E. Suleman - lover of the Ahlul Bayt (as), daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and philanthropist.

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