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Ziyarat  of  Iran,  Syria  &  Iraq

Ladies Spiritual Guide:

Zakira Nargisbai Karim




Our Ziyarat trip co-hosted by Labbayk Group this year starts during March Break with first visiting Iran from March 9 to March 18, 2018. During this trip, we will inshallah visit our 8th Imam (as) and his sister Sayyedah Fatima (as). A day trip to Neishabur is also planned.


Zawars have the option to join us onwards on our journey to Syria and Iraq from March 18 to April 4 2018. During this segment, we will be in Syria for 5 nights and reach Iraq on March 23, 2018 for 11 nights.


Whilst in Syria, we hope, inshallah, to visit Sayyedah Zainab (as) and Sayyedah Ruqayyah (as). Our visit in January 2017 was our first visit after the long civil war. It was also co-hosted by Labbayk Group and was a very fulfilling Ziyarat, as well as a sad one. We saw the plight of the local people, and the state the war has left them in. We hope to make this visit an annual one with the hope to be as involved in bettering the lives of the local people as we do in Iraq and many parts of the world.

With the above said, we have the honour this year to join NASIMCO as they distribute aid for the immediate requirements of the people in Syria through their appeal - Sakina's Wish. We will be collecting monies to support this appeal and hope we can count on you as always.


Whilst, in Iraq, we will stay in Kadhmain, Karbala and finally Najaf. A visit to Samarra and Balad is also planned, security permitting. We hope to have the opportunity to show you the different efforts that the Nudba Group is involved in with the hope to better the lives of the people of Iraq especially the widows and orphans.


Labbayk Group's packages include hotel accommodation, 3 (buffet) meals a day, transportation, visas, airport taxes and internal flights (if applicable).

Package prices and dates are subject to change

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